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Kentish Downs Poll Dorset Stud

High Growth and Performance Figures
the reality at Kentish Downs

Tuesday 14 September, 2021
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Over the past 12 months, Kentish Downs Poll Dorset Stud has seen a rapid increase in demand for Lambplan and genomic tested poll dorset rams.


Demand for industry leading terminal genetics has given the stud the confidence to expand through the purchase of ewes from the Western Australian Curlew Creek Poll Dorset stud at their dispersal sale in October last year.


Stud owner, Craig Wilson said, this unique opportunity to purchase a large number of ewes with exceptional Lambplan figures fits perfectly with our goals to simultaneously expand the number and quality of the rams that we can offer our clients.


The growth in the stud this year has led to more than a 1000 lambs being weighed, tagged and recorded at birth.


“We see the birth weighing of our stud lambs as a critical tool in managing genetic birth weight in the flocks of our clients. This year, new clients to Kentish Downs Poll Dorset Stud have seen significant reductions in dystocia through the use of rams with appropriate birth weight breeding values for their flock”, Craig said.


The sires of the 2021 drop lambs perform exceptionally well across their traits of production and as a group of sires they average in the top 2% of the national Lambplan database for Terminal Carcase Production (TCP). 


“Our goal is to benchmark our genetics across the prime lamb industry and strive to supply the very best rams that will drive the profitability of our clients businesses. We are actively seeking feedback from lamb processors to assess the quality of the Kentish Downs Poll Dorset sired lambs," Craig said.

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