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  • Karen Wilson

Bulging leg and shoulder muscle

Lean meat yield (LMY) is the weight of lean meat tissue (excluding bone and fat) in a carcase, divided by the total weight of the carcase. It is generally expressed as a percentage (LMY%).

When comparing lean meat yield in the entire Lambplan database for the Poll Dorset breed of over 875,000 KD210592 (7.15%), KD210851 (6.92) and KD210553 (6.83) are ranked within the top 20 individuals for lean meat yield. The average lean meat yield for these individuals is 6.96% and the industry average is 3.25%.

You can notice the high LMY trait through the definition of the sirloin-loin junction and the bulging of the leg and shoulder muscle. Jake Bourlet, Gundagai Lamb commented on Kentish Downs sired lambs.

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