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  • Karen Wilson

New Stud Sires for KD

At Kentish Downs we have an extensive breeding and performance recording program which combines selection of the best quality Poll Dorset sheep using both visual and Lambplan data to produce rams of the highest performance quality.

This year, we were pleased to welcome two new Stud Sires to Kentish Downs Poll Dorset Stud. Ivadene 190025 (pictured below). A nice balanced ram with great structure and shape. His industry leading breeding values made the decision to purchase him a very straight forward one indeed.

Kentish Downs also acquired joint ownership of Pepperton 180339 (pictured right), who is currently the number 1 sire in the Lambplan database for Post Weaning Eye Muscle Depth.

Pepperton 180339 is also currently the 5th ranked Poll Dorset ram in Australia for TCP and sons will be available for sale this year at our annual ram sale.

The sires of the 2021 drop lambs perform exceptionally well across their traits of production and as a group of sires they average in the top 2% of the national Lambplan database for Terminal Carcase Production (TCP).

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