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Performance Data & Breeding Objectives

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Kentish Downs implements the latest technologies by using artificial insemination and the application of Matesel allows single mating of one sire to selected ewes resulting in the fine-tuning of the quality of the bred rams.

All Kentish Downs sheep are DNA tested to improve the accuracy of data and guarantee pedigree.

The 12 sires used in the 2022 mating average in the top 1% of the Lambplan database for the Terminal Carcase Production Index.

At Kentish Downs Poll Dorset Stud we believe genetics plays a significant role in productivity and profitability. Research has shown many carcase traits are moderately to highly heritable and provide good opportunities to improve breeding programs.

Our goal is to increase the capacity of Kentish Downs Poll Dorsets to generate more profit for our clients. We are achieving this goal through targeted inclusions of stud sires and we have an extensive breeding and performance recording program, which combines a selection of the best quality sheep using both visual and Lambplan data to produce rams and ewes of the highest quality.

Breeding Objective 1

To breed Poll Dorset sheep that have the right balance of structural integrity and industry leading genetics to maximise profit right through the entire Prime Lamb supply chain.

Breeding Objective 2

To use Lambplan to benchmark across the Terminal Lamb Industry and use the most up to date technology to achieve our genetic gain objectives with maximum consideration of the environmental and animal welfare outcomes.

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