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Kentish Downs has gained a reputation as one of Australia's most progressive poll dorset studs. We breed profitable performance-based genetics that have the right balance of structural integrity and produce trait industry leaders.

We combine decades of experience with the latest innovative techniques in breeding technology. Birth weighing, fat and muscle scanning, Lambplan recorded, Progeny tested, Genomics tested, Matesel breeding optimisation, artificial insemination along with gold standard data recording to achieve the fastest rate of genetic gain.

Artificial insemination and the application of Matesel allows single mating of one sire to selected ewes resulting in the fine-tuning of the quality of the bred rams. All sheep are DNA tested to allow the accuracy of data and pedigree. The sires used in the 2022 mating, average in the top 2% of the Lambplan database for the Terminal Carcase Production Index.

At Kentish Downs we have always focused on the traits that maximise profit right through the entire Prime Lamb supply chain. We are constantly testing Kentish Downs genetics within our own share-farmed flocks, which has seen an extensive improvement in dystocia, lambing ease, lamb vigour and maternal behaviour.

The poll dorset genetics offered by Kentish Downs produces structurally sound, with good early growth and eye muscle depth, high post weaning weights and quality lean meat yield.

In 2022, Kentish Downs will offer high-quality Poll Dorset rams with Australian Sheep Breeding Values to supply a gap in the market and suit the specific needs of clients breeding objectives.

At Kentish Downs, we welcome your enquiries, please contact us at any time for a personal inspection of our farm and flock.

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