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At Kentish Downs, we have an extensive breeding and performance program, which combines selection of the best quality sheep using both visual and Lambplan data to produce rams of the highest quality.

Lambplan is the national genetic valuation program, used to assist in stud and commercial breeding.

At Kentish Downs, we have been using Lambplan since its inception and continue to hold our Gold data quality grade status.​​


​Kentish Downs has been a member of the OJD Market Assurance Program since 1996.


All Poll Dorset sheep are Gudair vaccinated at 6 weeks of age.  All ewes are now 4th generation vaccinates.

 We undergo rigorous accreditation every 12 months to maintain this certification by a qualified veterinarian​​


The NSW Ovine Brucellosis Accredited Free Flock Scheme allows participants to sell ram accredited free from Ovine Brucellosis.

Kentish Downs has been part of this successful scheme since 1981.

Flock accreditation is based on rams being palpated and bled for the laboratory result of negative.

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